Version 1.2 9/4/2018 12:12pm

Signup Tables at Riverside Gardens Park - Harvey Gold and Barbara Silverman (6 foot tables supplied by Harvey Gold & Adrianne Spota) NEED 2 TABLES

(Sierra Club (featured sponsor): Mark Fukayama. Two (5 foot) SC banners: one overhead, hanging from tree branches; when the SC banner returns from march, hang on front of table. NEED 1 TABLE

Climate Reality table - Neal Kamdar table manager. When the Climate Reality banner and black Earth banner return from the march, tape or rope to table. NEED 1 TABLE (6 foot supplied by Neal Kamdar)

*"Every City for Clean Energy" - Steve Miller, Harvey Gold, Bernie Dickman. When the Sierra Club RF100 banner returns from the march, tape or rope to front of table; NEED 1 TABLE Harvey Gold to supply 5 foot X 2 foot folding table (to be used for flyers & brochures)

"Middletown for Clean Energy" Carol Van Kirk, David Sugerman, Gloria Sugerman, Joanne Irwin. When the "Middletown for Clean Energy" banner returns from march, tape to front of table NEED 1 TABLE

Long Branch for 100% Clean Energy, Annette and Enis : NEED 1 TABLE (will use Bill S. aluminum table)

Electric Cars - Bill Silverman Table Manager, Jeff Davis NEED 1 TABLE

CCL - Citizens' Climate Lobby: "Marian [Wattenbarger] and Judy Krusell will help Thom [Rule] with ccl table on 9/8". CCL will supply chairs and table

Bus for Progress table (located near "Bus for Progress" which will be parked at the base of Wharf Ave) - Bus for Progress supplies tables/chairs

WATERSPIRIT Jean-Marie Donohue <> bringing table; bring chairs;

Sea Bright Solar (uses SunPower panels) - brings own table, chairs


NOTES FOR TABLES: * = need table

4 banners, returning from marchers, should be hung on tables. A 5th banner, 6 feet X 40 inch with 3 panels - will be the first to arrive. Hang or display behind or near the riser where speakers will stand

Table attendants must supplytheir own light lawn chairs, if they plan to sit

Bring clamps or weights or tape to hold down paper from wind gusts

If there is intermittant rain, Steve will have sheets of light-weight plastic that can be taped to back of table, and flipped forward over table displays during light rain

For heavier rain, move tables (& speakers) under the bathroom canopy (we have no rain date, and do not plan to cancel if rain)

Available tables: 2 - 6 foot (Neal Kamdar); 2 - 6 foot + 1- 6 foot aluminum (Silverman); 1- 6 foot folding + 3 chairs (Steve M); 1- 5 foot X 2 feet (Harvey Gold); 1 table (Jo Grazide); 1 table (Adrianne Spota)

Riverside Gardens Park Note: 6 footX40 inch tri-panel banner hanging from reservation desk::at beginning of the march, send the tri-panel banner to be carried by 3 marchers.

Steve Miller to bring :