Attend “Science Monday”, Feb 25. Free pizza/subs at 6PM; program begins at 6:30PM. Brookdale Community College Environmental Club and Sierra Club Shore Group host Jan and Lynn Dash, credentialed participants in international United Nations climate conferences, who explain the latest UN/IPCC climate change reports.

Accelerating effects in worldwide food supplies, water and air quality, temperature-related impacts, rising sea levels, and extreme weather patterns endanger human health and survival. The Dashes have called global warming the “greatest survival and ethical issue of our time.”

They will discuss actions to mitigate climate change. See complete description of the talk 

Park in lot 7; enter Student Life Center (SLC); follow sign to Twin Lights Room

During Science Monday, we will highlight how "Middletown for Clean Energy" proposes Middletown as an example to work toward 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and net zero emissions in all sectors by 2050.

Every town can do the same. Each attendee will have an opportunity to sign a letter urging their town to TAKE ACTION to reduce Green House Gas Emissions by encouraging their town leaders to meet these emission reductions by using well-established Green Team/Sustainable Jersey ACTIONS.  See “The People Demand”

YOU CAN HELP slow the worst effects of Climate Change.