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A BIG THANK YOU if you were one of the ~40  people who attended the April 15, Middletown Township Committee Meeting and showed your support for 100% clean energy in Middletown.  We definitely got the attention of the Committee!

We delivered your letter with 280 others; each letter requested a plan for 100% Clean Energy in Middletown.

 See our 15 minute “Middletown for Clean Energy” presentation at the April 15 Committee meeting (in order of appearance): Pat Miller, Steve Miller, Mayor Tony Perry, Jan Dash.  View at
By no means is our job finished!
We invite each letter writer to send short reminder notes to the Middletown Township Committee.

We asked for approval of a click-to-view-resolution  to appoint a Clean Energy “Stakeholder team” to prepare a  10 year plan to place Middletown on the road to clean energy.
The mayor said they would look it over and consider it – not really a commitment!

To get over the finish line, we are asking EVERYONE to write short weekly reminders to committee members (Mayor Tony Perry; Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore; Kevin Settembrino; Rick Hibell; Patricia Snell).  [In your own words] state you are in support of the resolution to charter a Clean Energy “Stakeholder Team” to prepare a 10 year Clean Energy plan for Middletown.  We would like your help to introduce and pass the resolution [also see talking points, below].  Then add your name and address.
We hope the resolution is introduced and passed at the next Committee meeting, May 6, 2019, at 7PM. 

  • SEND EMAIL to Laura Mattes, Secretary to the Mayor (office hours 10AM to 3PM) Tel 732-615-2024 .  Enter "please forward to all committee members" in the subject line.  Laura will also forward email attachments
  • BROWSE to, click “contact us” in the top right of screen; scroll down to “Department*”, then scroll down to “Township Committee” to leave your text message to all Committee members.
  • USPS PAPER MAIL to Mayors Office, 1 Kings Highway, Middletown, NJ 07748, Ask for copies to be distributed to each Middletown Committee member
ALSO, TO INCREASE PUBLIC EXPOSURE (use social media talking points, below):
  • Post your views on (Enter any of the following in top left “Search” box: Middletown NJ Town Hall; Middletown for Clean Energy (NJ); Middletown Township NJ Community and Families; Middletown Township, New Jersey ; Middletown NJ (No Frills Group) ; MIDDLETOWN New Jersey
  • Post your recommendations on (~4500 Middletown residents are members and receive posts)
 Talking Points for posts to social media: Use your own version of  following:
    About 40 Middletown residents attended the April 15 meeting of the Middletown Township Committee in support of a proposal to develop a 10-year plan to put Middletown on a path to 100% clean electricity by 2030 and 100% clean energy by 2050. We are a part of the nonpartisan citizens’ group, Middletown for Clean Energy, whose mission is to create a better world for our children and grandchildren and to make Middletown a leader among NJ towns in committing to and achieving 100% clean energy.
We asked our Township Committee to commit to this goal and to work to achieve it by passing a resolution that would create a Clean Energy Stakeholder Team to develop the 10-year plan.
     The work would be accomplished, in part, through Sustainable Jersey Energy Actions toward its Gold Star in Energy, such as promoting energy efficiency, electric vehicles, individual and community solar, and environmentally sound new building construction.
      I urge all Middletown Township Committee members to VOTE YES for Clean Energy.
     I strongly support this proposal for all other towns, and urge the public to voice their support to their own officials. 
       [End of Talking Points]

Submit all email and Facebook comments as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, May 2 (the May 6 advance agenda is publicized on Friday May 3).  Please email to report whatever contact you have, and let us know what you learn about progress and/or plans.
If it appears our Resolution will pass May 6 - meeting in small conference room (or May 20, two weeks later, meeting in court room), we will invite you to attend and celebrate at that particular Committee Meeting.  We will announce, and ask you to arrive at 7PM, at Town Hall, 1 Kings Highway, wearing brightly colored green or blue shirt.