The Authority has taken a number of steps to reduce its GHG emissions and reduce energy usage at the benefit of its rate payers.


Variable frequency drives are installed in all motors the Authority’s activities can accommodate. About 12 years ago, the Authority’s aeration system was upgraded to fine bubble and turbine blowers. There is a computer control system that optimizes this system which balance treatment requirements and energy usage.


As a result of Superstorm Sandy, the Authority made a number of capital improvements and policy changes:


I have spoken with Sustainable Jersey about grant opportunities. While the Authority is eligible, SJ considers TOMSA and the Township as one entity. At the time, the Township had an open grant which prevented TOMSA from pursuing a grant. SJ is on the list to funding sources which are checked for opportunities on a regular basis.


TOMSA completed an LGEA through the NJ BPU. It resulted in the development of comprehensive energy conservation and retrofit measures. Subsequently, Schneider Electric and Lockheed Martin evaluated the Authority’s infrastructure and procedures and issued recommendations in an effort to sell their services. The cost effective recommendations have been implemented.


As part of TOMSA’s capital plan, a number of funding sources are consulted on a regular basis. This includes the Board of Public Utilities. Unfortunately, the capital projects currently considered by the Authority do not qualify for funding under any of the BPU’s programs. The Authority did use the BPU’s prescriptive lighting program to replace old bulbs and fixtures with LEDs throughout its facilities.


For a number of years, the Authority has utilized the latitude provided by the state legislator to bid the generation of electric power used. The Authority remains under contract through 2022.


Part of the treatment process involves creation of methane gas. This gas is used to heat the process used to create it. In addition, a portion of the remaining gas is used to heat some treatment plant buildings.


Brian Rischman, P.E., S4

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Township of Middletown Sewerage Authority

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