Attached is a PDF of selected slide screen shots from today's Sustainable Jersey webinar
"Too Good to be True? Reducing Energy Costs with Community Solar ".
This webinar & slides will eventually be online at

I assume Middletown is still planning a Community Solar canopy at the train station

Application is due Feb 5, 2021  for "Year 2" of the ┬áCommunity Solar pilot
(application is not yet on-line)

"Year 3" pilot schedule is TBD

Early 2021 begins "Stakeholder" input for the  permanent Community Solar details
Sign up via the stakeholder list-serv

More general discussion for each NJ Clean Energy program is a DIFFERENT listserv list at

AMY: requirements for Green Team points: see slide "Municipally Supported Community Solar Action"

Steve Miller
Middletown for Clean Energy
Climate Chair, NJ Sierra Club Shore Group