The first Energy Planning grant was just awarded to Bergen County.  This BPU press release is asking for communities to submit applications.
Tonight, we wrote following, included in a page of questions for Mayor Tony Perry, for discussion at a Feb 12 meeting between the Mayor and a group from Middletown for Clean Energy:
“Can we count on Middletown applying for a Community Energy Planning Grant from the BPU Clean Energy Program?
A grant to engage a consultant would help us mold the Energy Planning into the Green Building and Sustainability Element, which then folds into the Middletown Master Plan”
EXPLANATION: The above idea is to engage a consultant, not just to structure Stakeholder input into the Middletown Energy Plan, but also to help plan how the Energy Plan could have greatest impact, by proper integration into the Master Plan.  I am thinking of Jennifer Fogliano’s feb 6 talk to Green Team.  Jennifer stated a decision would be required: attach a separate element (with more in-depth info), versus integrating into all related sections of the Master Plan.
Steve and Pat