Mayor Perry, Feb 21, 2020
We are scheduling a series of 3 talks at the Middletown Library to begin community outreach on the Energy Plan, Gold Star in Energy, a few of the higher priority actions such as energy efficiency, renewable electricity (aggregation) and EVs. We are still at a very preliminary stage of planning, but would like to have the first one around Earth Day, April 22, on a weekday evening (following the model we used last year for Energy Efficiency). the latter two talks each would be about a month apart.
The overall theme would be Middletown’s Clean Energy Future. The first talk would be an overview, adapted mostly from talks we have given recently, and entitled something like What Will A Clean Energy Future Look Like in 2050? And How Do We Get There? A synopsis is attached, and also copied below.
The second and third talks we have not really fleshed out yet, but would have more detail about particular topics, such as renewable electricity aggregation. We would hope that you could attend and speak at at least one of the talks (about municipal complex and some of the things you talked about in your office, like solar canopy and green buildings?), and we would hope to have other township officials and administration, and Green Team as well. We would definitely need PR help to get the word out as broadly as possible. We would like you to read the following write-up and let us know what changes you would like. We want to send the write-up to the librarian to describe what we are planning.
Thanks, Pat and Steve Miller


What Will A Clean Energy Future Look Like in 2050?

And How Do We Get There?

Pat and Steve Miller, founding members of Middletown for Clean Energy, will provide a vision of a clean energy future for our town, state and beyond.  Examples include wind and solar energy, changes in home heating and appliances, vehicles we will be driving and using for transport, and the future job market.  They will also describe the path Middletown will take to get to clean energy and a sustainable future.


Middletown for Clean Energy is a bipartisan citizens’ group working to guide Middletown, and other towns in Monmouth County and across NJ, to 100% clean energy by 2050. They have ongoing support from Sierra Club “Ready for 100” and a parallel Climate Reality Project “100% Committed”. The mission of Middletown for Clean Energy is to leave a legacy of a livable world for our children and grandchildren.

Members of Middletown for Clean Energy from across Middletown have been working with Middletown officials and administration and with Sustainable Jersey for the past three years to guide Middletown toward a sustainable future. They have recently released a draft Middletown Energy Plan that will be incorporated into Middletown’s Master Plan revision, due out later in 2020. The Energy Plan is based on NJ’s recently released Energy Master Plan, as informed by the NJ Global Warming Response Act. Both plans include actions such as “switch to renewable electricity” and “transition to electric vehicles”. The Energy Plan also supports actions Middletown will soon undertake to achieve Sustainable Jersey’s Gold Star in Energy, after having attained Silver Certification in 2019.

Pat and Steve are both retired Bell Labs engineers. Pat Miller holds an MS in Statistics from Rutgers. She retired as a project manager in telecommunications at Telcordia Technologies. She is a member of the Middletown Green Team and President of the Northern Monmouth County Branch of American Association of University Women. Steve Miller holds an MSEE degree from NYU. He retired as Technology Manager at Avaya Communications. He is “Climate Chair” for the Jersey Shore (Monmouth) Sierra Club.