Professor Corey Katz,
We would like to contribute to your Critical Concerns Week.
We, Pat and Steve Miller, are co-Founders of Middletown for Clean Energy, and members of Sierra Club Shore Group.
Critical climate concerns are increasing.  However, we demonstrate that all of us, working together, can create a very positive future.
Georgian Court students would benefit from knowledge we would enjoy sharing the week of March 23-26. 
A presentation can be molded to allotted class time, or to a special assembly; our ideal is 1 hour total: 40 minutes for a presentation, and 20 minutes for questions.
We are currently available 9 to 5, March 23 thru March 26 and available evening March 26 (but not available after 5PM on March 23, March 24 and March 25)
A synopsis (including bio) is attached.
Pat and Steve Miller
Pat Miller, Middletown Green Team member, 732-859-3143 (cell)
Steve Miller, Sierra Club Shore Group Climate Chair 732-977-4370 (cell)
732-671-5917 (home)
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From: Katz, Corey <>
Date: Wed, Feb 19, 2020, 09:52
Subject: Outreach at Georgian Court University
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Dear Dennis and Bob,

My name is Corey Katz and I teach medical and environmental ethics at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ. I write to see if the Jersey Shore Sierra Club might be interested in coming on campus to educate and engage with our students. We hope to help our students recognize the major environmental issues at stake in the 2020 election.

Georgian Court is a small college founded by the Sisters of Mercy Catholic order in 1908. While the school is now secular, the values and concerns of the Sisters of Mercy deeply shape the school's mission and vision. One of the Sisters of Mercy's key concerns is with environmental issues. Our school is organizing a Critical Concerns Week around the theme of Earth and Oceans that will run March 23-26. It includes days and evenings full of artistic, informational and spiritual activities and events on environmental issues. From 12pm-1pm each day, we will have tables set up for different groups in our cafe and that might be a great opportunity to engage with students. It would be great to get students connected up with the movement Sunrise is building.

 That said, if those days/times/format do not work for you, I hope we might look for another opportunity.

 Thank you,


Corey Katz
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Department of Religious Studies, Theology & Philosophy
Jeffries Hall 133
Georgian Court University
Lakewood, NJ