Tony, at the April 6 Township Committee meeting, Steve Miller asked for the percent renewable in the Township’s 2 year purchase of electricity, Resolution 20-103.
Mayor Tony Perry stated the intent to have increasing renewable content, and referred the question to you, but you didn’t have the answer at that time
In addition, would it be possible to look at the report provided by “Tradition Energy” on the results of its bid for durations of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months?
Reason: the percent renewable, and source requirements in the RFP, together with the resulting bids is potentially valuable to identify potential market trends for the next 5 years.  This might provide insight for future prices of renewable electrical aggregation, for the small nearby cities which are moving to renewable electricity.  It also may help inform Middletown about future renewable electrical prices for its future community aggregation.
This request might be answered, in part, by “Exhibit B” from Constellation NewEnergy, attached to Resolution 20-103.
Thanks for your help,
Steve & Pat Miller
Sierra Club RF100  Leaders & Climate Reality Trained Leaders (Steve & Pat)
Co-founder of “Middletown for Clean Energy” (Steve & Pat)
Sierra Club Shore Group Climate Chair (Steve)
Middletown Green Team member (Pat)