June 16 email to Mayor Perry, Ted Maloney, Tony Mercantante, Amy Sarrinikolaou

July 22 is the extended deadline to apply for the remaining third of state grants for electric vehicle fast charging stations, full-electric trucks, shared mobility programs, and more from the final round of Volkswagen

settlement funds. This unique funding opportunity can help kickstart electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Middletown.
The project solicitation is  http://www.state.nj.us/dep/vw
The April 22, 2020 press release is https://www.nj.gov/dep/newsrel/2020/20_0018.htm
Steve Miller
Middletown for Clean Energy
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Subject: VW Solicitation DEADLINE EXTENDED
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced today the deadline for project proposals from the Volkswagen Settlement Fund has been extended by 30 days.  The new deadline is July 22, 2020.
The Department has expanded the Frequently Asked Questions to provide additional guidance about grants for public fast charging stations.  An interactive mapping tool, Strategic Mapping for Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Station Locations, can help applicants evaluate potential sites for public fast chargers.
In celebration of Earth Day and DEP's 50th Celebration, the Department announced in April that it is seeking to fund approximately $37.2 million worth of projects that convert old diesel trucks, buses, port equipment, marine vessels, and trains to electric power. Funding will be prioritized in disproportionately impacted communities. The Department will also dedicate an additional $7.6 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, prioritizing public fast charging stations.  In addition, the Department is seeking funding proposals for electric shared mobility programs ("eMobility) such as electric car sharing and ride hailing.  eMobility projects that benefit low- or moderate-income communities disproportionately impacted by air pollution will be prioritized.
Project proposals not selected for funding from the Volkswagen Settlement may be considered for other funding sources.
For more information about these funding opportunities, visit the project solicitation page.
For questions about eMobility projects, as well as electric trucks, buses, port equipment, marine vessels, and trains, contact VWComments@dep.nj.gov
For questions about electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including public fast charging stations, contact Drivegreen@dep.nj.gov