From: Steve Miller
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2020 10:56 AM
To: mayorsoffice laura
Subject: Press for Middletown open space referendum
Maureen Raisch,
Laura Mattes,
I propose to combine Middletown messaging with  ideas and data from the SIerra Club “30X30 Activist Toolkit” and its links/references:
(Similarly, these Sierra Club documents may also inform your own Middletown Messaging).
  • The goal is preserving 30% of land and water by 2030.
  • Communities are encouraged to increase land conservation by 50% through efforts like open-space programs
    (coincidentally, Middletown’s proposes 50% open space increase from 2 cents to 3 cents)
  • Studies show that 21% of US GreenHouse Gas emissions could be offset by land conservation.
AUTHORIZATION: I am Climate Chair of Sierra Club Jersey Shore Group (Monmouth County).  At the August 18, 2020 Sierra Club Executive Committee meeting, I described Middletown’s open space referendum, and showed the current open space map (thank you Laura Mattes). The Executive Committee then approved resolutions to support Middletown. 
MY SPECIFIC PROPOSAL: use messaging, with (optional) sponsorship by Sierra Club,  to provide email, text, Facebook, and Instagram, targeted at Middletown residents.  These residents will also be encouraged to write to news media (TapInto, Patch, ...):
  • Sierra Club Members and Activists (several hundred)
  • Middletown for Clean Energy members and activists (several hundred)
  • Next Door Middletown Neighborhoods (7000)
  • Oak Hill Community Association (1150 households)
Please send drafts of Middletown Messaging so I can integrate with Sierra Club ideas.
AT 6:45PM, Sept 8, 2020, I will report status to the Sierra Club Executive Committee.
Steve Miller  732-977-4370 (cell), 151 Borden Road, Middletown
Climate Chair, Sierra Club NJ Chapter, Jersey Shore Group
Co-Founder, Middletown for Clean Energy