Middletown for Clean Energy reminds all Bayshore residents that they can significantly reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions (and reduce utility bills) by switching to 100% renewable electricity. 

THEN make your next car a plug-in electric model that is charged with 100% renewable from your house; this ELIMINATES the majority of your GHG emissions and saves 2/3 of your previous gasoline bill!!

Shop for 100% renewable electricity at this convenient summary:

Town leaders in Middletown and other Bayshore towns are encouraged to reduce GHG emissions, and save ALL residents money by switching their entire town to 100% renewable electrical aggregation.

Prices of wind & solar continue to drop. The attached article explains that in much of the US, electricity from wind and solar is cheaper than electricity generated by nuclear, coal, and natural gas.

Above are ways Bayshore residents can help "green" their city. Middletown residents have a forum to push for 100% clean energy by 2050; ¬†JOIN “Middletown for Clean Energy” at

Posted by non-partisan Middletown for Clean Energy.