"Exponential Roadmap": 36 solutions to halve emissions by 2030; revised Jan, 2020. Based upon "Drawdown",...

NJ Scientific Report on Climate Change, 6/30/2020

"NJFRAMES" study of sea level rise and possible hardening or retreat solutions
15 towns within NJ "2 rivers" area. Current scenarios for 2030, 2050 and 2100 as of July 10, 2019. Summaries are included in this survey

2019 NJ Energy Master Plan (released 1/2020);  (press release)  - 80% total emission reduction by 2050
This NJ EMP analyzed costs for many alternatives, and documents the path with lowest cost to reach 2050 goal.

"What is Climate Change - A Really Simple Guide"

Fundamentals https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/ ;

"EnROADS simulator" learn by doing to find most effective GHG reductions; watch 3 min training ; further explanation

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UN IPCC report (global; 12 years to reduce 50%); National Climate Assessment report (Nov, 2018; US-specific); 2018 Arctic Report Card, NOAA, Dec, 2018; Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, May, 2019; IPCC (UN "Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate", Sept 25,2019; Oceans and Ice Risks overview Oct 11,2019; The Lancet Health Report (Health Effects); Global Carbon Budget 2018 (12/5/2018)- NYTimes review;

http://theyearsproject.com; Jan Dash http://climate.trunity.org/; Phil Blackwood "Updates" ; NASA’s Climate Evidence Page; NOAA’s Climate Page ; Citizens’ Climate Lobby ; Climate Reality Project ; "How Renewables Work - A Practical Guide to Solar, Wind, and Geothermal"; HHMI earthviewer
NJ-specific climate info: https://climate.rutgers.edu/stateclim/ ; https://statesummaries.ncics.org/nj ; https://njenvironmentnews.com/ ; Phil Blackwood Climate News Updates 2018 ; 2019 ;
The Economist, 9/22/2019: "Past,Present,Future of Climate Change"
Status https://climateactiontracker.org/ of each country toward Paris Agreement

Goldman Sachs, 9/2019, "Taking the Heat" (34 pages)- relies on the IPCC (cited above) which has "the most comprehesive source of research on climate change" and discusses impacts of a massive move of cities to build resiliency.

Sierra Club "Energy Resources Policy" ;
"Science on Saturday" NJ Climate lectures 3/2/2019 and 2/2/2019 at Princeton Fusion Lab https://goo.gl/322EBZ ;

2019 climate reports: first group of 12 ; 2nd group of 12

EXCELLENT NYTIMES OpEd, 10/23/2017 "How to Keep the Lights On After a Hurricane