On July 1, I gave Mayor Scharfenberger the 4 letters initiated from the June 26 Sierra Club/Brookdale Science Monday (in addition to the 13 letters & notes I gave the mayor on May 20)

On July 3, the Mayor indicated he plans to call and acknowledge the 4 letter writers
Following are my notes from the July 1, 2017 meeting with the Mayor:
Mayor Scharfenberger’s response:
The mayor and I chatted about several things, but I did not receive a clear-cut clean energy commitment from the Mayor. 
Middletown Green Team Observations: (based upon 7/1 and earlier meetings)
I believe the Mayor will generally support Greet Team initiatives, complying with the following Middletown documents:
The Green Team was created as an “Advisory Board” to the Middletown Committee, “to save tax dollars, conserve energy and reduce the community’s carbon footprint”, per
However, the original, detailed, 2010 resolution creating the Green Team does NOT mention “carbon footprint”:
Earlier, I had submitted my application to join the Middletown Green Team.
I am now included in Green Team meeting announcements.  Next meeting is July 19 or 20 to review projects and discuss next projects.
If I were officially appointed to the Middletown Green Team, I expect opportunities for projects within a climate action plan, or Middletown energy plan, providing there are sufficient resident volunteers to ensure completion of a given project
I further expect projects would likely be approved if Middletown property tax is not increased..
Steve Miller, stevemiller@comcast.net