1) LEAST COST PATHWAY TO MEET NJ GHG REDUCTIONS BY 2050  Consultant’s report (11/1/2019).  Comments due to NJ BPU by Nov 15, 2019:  Talk by Pat Miller

2) SHADOW LAKE VILLAGE (55+ community, 952 homes; 158 acres)
NJNat Gas pushing to bring gas to currently all-electric Shadow Lake – Seth Gerchberg to provide status. Earlier, 300 residents signed letters resisting gas; Shadow Lake Village then sent this letter to residents ; Jan Dash to describe heat pump selection for low cost electric heating (overview-of-heat-pumps); Mary Reilly (trained Communication Leader) to lead messaging discussion. Talking points

3) CONGRATULATIONS on Middletown Achieving Silver Certification with 33 actions, and 355 points
Apply for one opening in 2020, in the Middletown “Green Team Advisory Committee”.
Celebrate via Middletown (leaders & community) outreach; plan next steps (energy grant; energy plan; Gold Star in Energy;...)

4) October 10, 2019 MIDDLETOWN VISION 2050 PRESENTATION to Brookdale CC Honor Students.  Results of Visioning  Pat and Steve Miller

Bob Erickson proposes a “Middletown Energy Plan”; for reference, here is the latest Energy Actions Spreadsheet and

6) NOTE: DEFER FOLLOWING ACTION; first make progress on Middletown Energy Plan

COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM ON "COMMUNITY CHOICE" Dec 3, 2019, Renewable Government Energy Aggregation.  Pat and Steve Miller Requirements ; "How-to-Guide-Renewable_Government-Energy_aggregation" ; Overview