1. Update on gas installation to be proposed Dec 2 by NJNG for (presently all electric) Shadow Lake Village (Seth Gerchberg):
On Dec 2, NJNatural Gas to present two programs to Shadow Lake residents, on the virtues of replacing their electric with (proposed to be installed) natural gas.    NJNG brochures Side 1 ; side 2 advertise  that gas provides 70% savings compared to electric (actual cost comparisons to be calculated)

2. Plan to celebrate Middletown’s achieving Silver Certification.

3. Update on Middletown Energy Plan (Bob Erickson)

4a. Tighten building code energy efficiency standards

4b. Progress on Transportation emission reductions: (Steve Miller) 
Middletown continues to renew its fleet with equally-sized fossil fuel vehicles.

5. Possible outreach talk:  Combine with community education campaign on “Community Choice” (Pat Miller)
References: Renewable Government Energy Aggregation.  Requirements ; "How-to-Guide-Renewable_Government-Energy_aggregation" ; Overview

6. Demonstration of “En-Roads” Climate Solutions Simulator (webinar, 8PM-9PM -for those who can stay).  This UN tool is being deployed to 10s of thousand people.  for understanding how we can achieve our climate goals through changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies. Three types of webinars provide training

·        Plans for  “En-ROADS” simulator- demonstrate group interaction with EnROADS  Tues, Dec 3, 8PM is one of several days/times

·        How to use “En-ROADS” in an event   Dec 10, noon EST (signedup)

·        Fine Tune facilitation; become “En-ROADS Climate Ambassador” Jan 7, Jan 9, Jan 14, 2020 (did not signup)


Next Meeting, 7PM, January 7, 2020.