10/25/2020 letter to Tony Mercantante and Tony Perry, CC Amy Sarrinikolaou

See following: Hazlet purchased 6 police Ford Interceptor SUVs

I would like to verify that Middletown is similarly evaluating hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full electric opportunities for each vehicle replacement within its much larger fleet.


HAZLET, NJ - The Hazlet Township Police Department is going green with a brand-new fleet of hybrid patrol vehicles.

Six recently-purchased SUVs with hybrid powertrains are expected to lower fuel costs for the police department and reduce engine idling time, according to a Thursday social media post from the township.

"Hybrid" motor vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which uses energy stored in batteries, according to the department. The vehicles are slated to replace several 2012 sedans. At the recommendation of the police department, the Hazlet Township Committee purchased the hybrids earlier this year.

The Interceptor comes with standard, full-time Intelligent All Wheel Drive, a 3.3L V6 hybrid engine and a 10-speed transmission. The Police Interceptor can withstand a 76 mph rear crash, according to the post.

During a typical shift, patrol officers need to keep their "mobile offices" running constantly to power electronics and light, even when parked at traffic stops. Lt. Chris Stavalo called the purchase a "move forward for cost savings and officer safety for Hazlet."

Although each vehicle goes for $36,242 a pop (costing roughly $3,200 more than an all-gas vehicle), the projected savings is nearly $3,509 a year, according to the township. Additional cost offsets include improved brake life.

"Chief Wittke and the Hazlet Police department did an amazing job bringing in the first-ever, pursuit-rated, hybrid SUV," said Hazlet Mayor Michael Glackin in a statement. "Not only is this an upgrade to the department's vehicles, but it will be a cost savings from year one."

Steve Miller, Middletown for Clean Energy, 151 Borden Road