10/21/2020 email to Mayor Perry,     I enjoyed reading the Fall, 2020 “Middletown Matters”.    Your “Message from Mayor Tony Perry”,  on the “Open Space Trust Fund” stated “No other budget line can be funded with these trust dollars”.
That sentence raised an issue that I hope you can quickly remedy.  Maybe I need a bit of education.  Or perhaps a small change might provide clarification.
In the last several months of reviewing Middletown “Purchase Order Listing” in the “packet”, I found I could NOT differentiate the “Open Space Trust Fund” from several other accounts which use the word “trust”.
For myself and constituents, it would be helpful if the Middletown Finance Department could provide one or more of these solutions:

  1. Identify how/where “Open Space Trust” expenditures/distributions will be identified.  For instance, what is the account, fund, and description to be used In resolutions or “Purchase Order Listing by Budget Account”
  2. More generally (perhaps in conjunction with the annual budget), create a glossary (or index), that describes the derivations and relationships of the Middletown  accounting identifiers, such as “Account”, “Fund”, and “Description” .
  3. An additional solution which would simplify life: make searchable the on-line “Purchase Order Listing by Budget Account”. Other documents are already searchable in the Committee “packet”. The ability to search expenses might benefit the Committee as well as benefit Middletown residents, who would like to be involved in particular topics in Middletown, but who now have to skim (read) through dozens of pages.

Steve Miller, Middletown for Clean Energy