Community Choice Power REFERENCES

8/26/2020 Training documents


TEMPLATES: R-GEA Resolution (SJ) ; R-GEA RFP to choose and Energy Consultant (SJ); "How-To Guide: R-GEA" (SJ)

·        4/12/2019 planning meeting with Tony Mercantante, Administrator

·        NJ Cities which switched for Renewable Energy (R-GEA) for all residents (2019-2020 data)

·        Sept 18, 2019 [a comprehensive R-GEA review was requested by Mayor Perry] briefed Middletown Mayor Perry, and Amy Sarrinikolaou (Sustainability Manager) on proposed Middletown Renewable Government Energy Aggregation.  See Agenda & 12 Atttendees (not sure if attended by Tony Mercantante  - Administrator). We were joined by Food & Water Watch evangelist (Junior Romero) to discuss successful R-GEA in New Brunswick (& subsequently other cities governed by “Faulkner Act” which forces a public referendum if a resolution is not approved by the governing body)

·        12/10/2019 letter to Mayor Perry, Tony Mercantante - a reminder to attend the RGEA regional review, Dec 19, Eatontown

·        1/31/2020 letter signed by 87 residents, to Mayor Perry and Committee - requesting RGEA (attached EnergyPlan V1-draft)

·        2/6/2020 notes from Middletown Green Team meeting. Following are comments by Tony Mercantante, who attended the Electrical Aggregation regional meeting of Mayors on 2/6/2020. All agreed that was a worthwhile program.  However, the general concern is the uncertainty of the price of the electricity.  What volume electricity gives lowest price?  In Maplewood,  the “dropout is ~20%. Buusinesses are not included, and some of the residents opting “out”.  There is a small savings with 42% renewable content (20% above RPS).  However, higher renewable content is priced higher than JCP&L..  The Maplewood mayor stated he has personally saved $5

·        2/13/2020 email, requesting R-GEA, to TownshipCommittee, Tony Mercantante, Amy Sarrinikolaou

·        3/12/2020 email to Tony Mercantante (T.Fiore willing to try aggregation; latest NESE info)

·        July 2020 Sustainable Jersey R-GEA webinar and slides. Must register personal name and town to get access.

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Question for Gabel Associates: for the energy consultant for Livingston, regarding R-GEA Renewable Government Energy Aggregation. That Gabel employee is likely evaluating bids for the currently expiring GEA for the JCP&L portion of Livingston:

The  attached table of all new R-GEA in NJ, , shows that essentially all are served by PSE&G.  The one exception is Livingston, where PSE&G and JCP&L each serve a part of the city. 

It is observed that residential customers in PSEG territory pay a “Basic Generation Service” 2 to 4 cents more per KWH than customers in JCP&L territory.


1.     Given that Gabel is likely reviewing new Livingston electricity bids in JCP&L territory, can Gabel provide advice, materials, or encouragement to persuade the Middletown Township Committee pass an R-GEA resolution and select an R-GEA consultant?



Middletown (24K households served by JCP&L) has partially opened the door: effective June, 2020, Middletown accepted a 2 year contract for 100% “renewable electricity” for all Middletown municipal electric accounts    press2



·         (more generally): info from Gabel Associates: we would like to talk to someone familiar with RGEA, the process, and how to approach township officials with a clearer statement of the benefits of doing it. Also, any specific price info they have re JCP&L territory.