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FEATURING: Michael Winka, the Clean Energy Advisor to the NJBPU President the last 8 years.   Michael will provide an uplifting talk of the future:

Reasons to be Optimistic That We Will Reach 100% Clean Energy Goals

Michael’s talk makes the NJ Energy Master Plan easy to understand by homeowners

Michael knows well the NJ Energy Plan.  He managed the original NJ GHG reduction plan, in 1997, and was part of the team that generated the current  NJ Energy Master Plan (released Jan, 2020), and its underpinning 2019 Integrated Energy Plan (IEP)

Michael’s data: “Its relatively easy to get to net zero.  Just change the demand curve from the bottom up!”

Consumers will drive NJ to attain our GHG reduction goals.
Economics will drive demand for EVs, Clean Electricity, and Building Electrification
Eliminating  these “Big 3” will eliminate most of our GHG emissions.

Michael's presentation: PDF format ; PPTX format
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