MEETING NOTES, Feb 3, 7PM meeting on Building Electrifictaion OBJECTIVES:

NOTE: Maggie Ortiz and David Korfhage: stated in Chat: will read the document later
Feb 3 Attendees
Steve Miller
Pat Miller
Jeff Davis
Ken Dolsky
Bill Silverman
Hanna Atlas
David Korfhage
Greg Gorman
Kathleen Grant
Jennifer Nielsen
Hap Haven
Karen Kanan Corea
Attendee from Climate Reality Greater NJ Gateway chapter (is this Maggie Ortiz? or "Kathleen", referenced in chat?)
David Parry
Bob Erickson
Maggie Ortiz 

Subject: contents of "Chat"

18:55:08 From  Steve Miller  to  Everyone:
19:00:22 From  Jeffrey Davis  to  Everyone:
                Jeffrey Davis, Marlboro, NJ Green Team
19:05:49 From  Jennifer Nielsen  to  Everyone:
                Karen and Kathleen are also with SOMA Action
19:06:35 From  Karen Kanan Corrêa  to  Everyone:
                Thank you!
19:32:35 From  Karen Kanan Corrêa  to  Everyone:
                Sorry all I have to leave but will catch up on notes from Jennifer afterwards - good luck with the editing!
20:06:07 From  Maggie Ortiz  to  Everyone:
                I have to go but I will read it all tomorrow. Good stuff so far! Good luck.
20:36:06 From  David Korfhage  to  Everyone:
                I have to go.  I'll look at what you send around, the final version.

NOTES (from Carol Van Kirk)
p. 2 skipped to BE objective 1; move bit about rebates to section on action
p. 3 BE #3:  reconsider part about electric baseboard heating?
BE #4: move sentences about lobbying to section on actions
Footnote 6: add hybrid and geothermal heat pumps

FUTURE ACTIONS:  figure out job assignments—actions and tactics, next steps