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We encourage you to take action to ask the BPU to calculate the ratepayer REAL COST of NJ meeting Green House Gas reduction goals

  1. “Reply”, and ask to add your name as signer of a letter from Middletown for Clean Energy
  2. Copy and past YOUR specific talking points (from above letter) into the BPU response template:
  3. Click on the link in following explanation.(You will be adding your name & contact info, and let EmpowerNJ coalition provide your comments to the BPU

Governor Murphy’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is commissioning a highly anticipated study on the costs of transitioning NJ to 100% clean energy, but the study critically omits any analysis of the massive health and economic costs from delayed action to get off fossil fuels. We must demand that the Governor revise the study parameters to include the true costs of dirty energy and the myriad public health and economic benefits of a rapid and just transition to 100% clean renewables! Submit your comment today
The goal of the EMP is to significantly reduce GHGs in order to avoid or reduce the full set of impacts of climate change (all costs to residents and municipalities, health impacts, property values and damages, etc.), not just ratepayer costs of energy.  New Jersey cannot look at ratepayer costs in a vacuum and has to take into account the total impact of our energy decisions on ratepayers’ total costs of living.  Therefore, this cost analysis must include some portion, if not all, of the total expected costs of climate change in NJ and develop plans that will cost less for ratepayers and the State.
Last, but not least, the BPU held one public hearing to solicit feedback on their terrible proposal. Thank you to many of you who signed up, showed up, and testified. Unfortunately, the BPU abruptly ended their feedback session before everyone who showed up got a chance to speak. Especially if you were one of those that prepared a comment, but did not get a chance to speak, ask for NJBPU to schedule a hearing for members of the public who didn’t get a chance to speak!. Submit your comment today
The deadline to comment is this Friday, April 8th at 5 p.m
Steve and Pat Miller, Middletown for Clean Energy