Informative public discussion about the ANTI electrification bill S4133 (email from Eric Benson, 3/172022)
Last session, Dec 6, 2021, the bill was heard in Senate Urban and Community Affairs (not environment) before passing Senate with a veto proof number of 35 senators. Teresa Ruiz was co-sponsor, her comments I provided as to why were from a private meeting with her. 

I can't listen right now, so I can't direct you to what minute to start tuning in, but this is the recording of the hearing where the anti electrification bill was heard. It will give you an idea of what we are up against.

In my own personal mega search through the bills, I did not see anything else of significance beyond the one Good bill or the one Bad bill. Although I'm regularly tuned in and hope I'll be able to catch anything new and will flag for folks as it comes up. 

A2937 (Session 2022 - 2023) - Prohibits State from mandating electric heating or water heating systems. Environment and Solid Waste, no senate companion at this time. This is modeled after next bill lasted that passed by a majority proof number of votes 
Primary Sponsor:
DiMaio, John
Space, Parker
Wirths, Harold J.

S4133 (Session 2020 - 2021)  -Prohibits State from mandating electric heating or water heating systems. (this is bill that Greg pointed out Gill and Smith voted no)
Passed Senate 35-3-2
Primary Sponsor:
Gopal, Vin
Oroho, Steven V.
Sarlo, Paul A.
Ruiz, M. Teresa
O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr.
Connors, Christopher J.