Warming temperatures, sea-level rise, intense rain, dry spells: Report details New Jersey climate trends



A new report by researchers from Rutgers University summarizes the current scientific information on climate trends and projections in New Jersey.

The report, entitled State of the Climate: New Jersey 2022, provides an annual climate and weather overview that can be used by state and local decision-makers, hazard planning and climate resilience professionals, and residents to monitor changing climate conditions and prepare for future impacts. The authors detail specific New Jersey climate trends and aggregate analyses and projections from across the climate change research field.

“A warming climate has led to increased temperatures, sea level, and rainfall intensity within New Jersey. These changes will continue, and our report provides yearly updated information and context for how climate change hazards can affect human health, ecosystems, agricultural production, and more in New Jersey,” said lead author James Shope, applied climatologist with the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center at Rutgers University.

Learn more and download the report here.