Downloading Climate Reality Truth in Ten Slide Show


Al Gore has personally selected 50+ core slides from his Climate Reality training and released them to be downloaded and used by EVERYBODY to give their own 10 minute presentations.

Each slide includes talking points - for everyone to create their own talk.  These slides are a subset of hundreds of restricted slides that are constantly updated.



To download, go to this link and register with your name, email and zip code.  You also have the option (or not) of receiving periodic communications, such as invitations to future training sessions.


This is a safe site.  World-wide, there are 13,000 Climate Reality graduates sharing a (restricted) portion of this web site. 


DIRECTIONS (on my Windows 10 PC) to download and unzip the slide deck (may be different on your PC/Mac):

1.      First create a special folder, then use the above link to download the slide deck  (choose Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF versions).

2.      I always click the download arrow (at top right of browser window), then right click the  file > select “open containing folder” 

3.      I locate the downloaded zipped file “US English PPT” in the “download” folder,

4.      then right click  “US English PPT” > click  “copy”

5.      then navigate to the new special folder and right click the folder name, and click “paste”

6.      Double click file “US English PPG”

7.      At the top of the page is highlighted “Compressed Folder Tools” ; then click “Extract” and then click “Extract all”

8.      Then click “Extract” at the bottom of the pop-up box

9.      After extraction, there is a chain of folders

10.  At the bottom of the folder chain is “TruthinTen_USEnglish_Optimized.pptx , plus 30+ sound and video files that create special slide effects.


There are also PDF files you may want to download: Truth_in_Ten_Slide_Images and Truth_in_Ten_Talking_Points. You can put these in the same folder.


1.      To open the slide show, double click the powerpoint .pptx file  (Microsoft PowerPoint will launch). You will see a warning: “Protected View  Be careful- files from the internet can contain viruses.  Unless you need to edit, it’s safer to stay in Protected View”

2.      click “Enable Editing”

3.      click “View” at top center

4.      click “Normal” at far left


Pick and choose slides you want, or create/insert additional slides for your particular audience.