here are sources on NJ R-GEA (Renewable Government Energy Aggregation)
1. My table of all NJ R-GEA
(I try to update frequently - let me know of additional cities with R-GEA)
2. Renewable Government Energy Aggregation Guide  (17 pg. "How-to" guide)
3. webinar slides and recording (1 hour+)
FOR A 90 SECOND BIG PICTURE: On Oct 12, 2020, I gave an overview 16 minute talk to my Sierra Club Jersey Shore Group.  Watch 12:45 to 14:18 for R-GEA discussion
WEBINARS/RECORDINGS supports Green Teams & Schools in 457 NJ municipalities, on ~hundred topics.  They have excellent webinars on dozens of topics. 
See index to all  recorded "energy" presentations  (such as R-GEA, and Community Solar):

RGEA: Renewable Government Energy Aggregation (R-GEA) July 2020

to view recording, you must enter your name, email, and city to access the recording.  I have done this dozens of times, and have never gotten any hassle or spam, nor every been contacted - perhaps because I am well known to Sustainable Jersey?.
DOCUMENTATION SustainableJersey has numerous printed "How to" guidebooks on energy topics:
within the above, you can select RGEA:

Renewable Government Energy Aggregation: Sustainable Jersey How-To-Guide

August 2019 This guidebook”…(see link for full description)