2020-8-solar "Flip-the-Switch" celebration

2020-6-18 steve summary of legal issues for NJNG main installations

2020-feb-SLV Chatterbox-NJNG-meetings-pg22

2020-2-4 status by Liz Spellman Dean

2020-1-26 cost comparisons of heating via heatpump versus heating via gas

2020-jan-SLV Chatterbox-alternative-energy-sources-OurEnergyFuture-pg26

2020-1-8 background letter to Amanda Oglesby, Gannett Press reporter, at her request to support her investigation

2020-1-4 letter and reply from Dir. of Rate Counsel and copy Gov.Murphy

2020-1-2 "Reasons Why A Shadow Lake Village Homeowner Should NOT PAY for New Gas Energy" (by Tim Zebo)

2020-1-2-letter page1; page2 from SLV Trustees to residents

2019-12-19-proposals to SLV resident leaders

12/4//2019 letter to David Willis, AsburyPark Press (see later followup by Amanda Oglesby, reporter for Gannett Press)

12/4/2019 letter to Gov Murphy

NJNaturalGas brochures to Shadow Lake Village side1 ; side2 ; side2 without personal address

2019-12-4-email chain

2019 Letter (~Nov) from SLV bd of Trustees to residents

11/5/2019 talking points

- RMI publication "The Economics of Electrifying Buildings" (How Electric Space and Water Heating Supports Decarbonization of Residential Buildings - 2018)