Faith Teitelbaum, Sierra Club, was a Cool Cities NJ and Monmouth County leader and trainer. Following is part of Faith's training materials:

Mayor Scharfenberger-April 17, 2007 photo accepting "Cool Cities" certificate.

Cool Cities "Climate Change Brief"overview, process, and proposed Climate Action Plans (data must be updated, but ideas still are sound)

Cool Cities slides showing audit process/ (7/2017 link to 2007 file) as well as example recommendations (pages 2-6) for goeothermal system including heat pump for summer and winter heating/cooling PLUS heated hot water.

Env Commissioners and others interested in climate change (Aug, 2008)


First Cool Cities newsletter (Nov 27, 2006); Feb 2008 Sierran (announces 5/17/2008 Monmouth County sustainbility workshop); 5/17/2008 Workshop Agenda ; Green Purchasing at Rutgers Univ ~2008)

BACKGROUND: "Cool Cities" based on US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement: cities, counties, states should subscribe to the Kyoto Protocol emission reduction objectives (finalized/adopted 1997; entered into force 2005), and meet them by 2012. Nearly all nations ratified the treaty. The US was to commit to 7% reduction from 1990 emissions, by 2012, HOWEVER, withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol.

RESULT: the biggest emitters, United States and China emitted higher levels of greenhouse gases than the reductions by all other countries combined. Worldwide, emissions soared by nearly 40% from 1990 to 2009 (ref: Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency )