Data shows that residences, businesses, organizations & communities
can save money, help the environment, and fight climate change


REDUCE electric bill, and help move the world toward sustainable energy . NOTE: NJ "RPS" law requires electric supplier to enrich with ~23% Renewable Sources


JCP&L Energy Sources




100% renewable

1. BEST INVESTMENT: INSTALL SOLAR (shop with EnergySage, compare Sierra Club/SunPower Partnership); OR

2. JOIN A NJ COMMUNITY SOLAR PROJECT ; presentation by Solar Landscape, Asbury Park, developer of 50+ Community Solar projects ; provides 20% savings off your current utility electric bill ; SIGNUP HERE (NO strings; easy signup or stop with no penalty)
NOTE: At times your local electric utility area may have no available NJ community solar project. If so, wait a month or two and try again. 100s of NJ Community Solar projects are in various stages from initial planning through completion OR


3. SWITCH TO A GREEN SUPPLIER FOR YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS. NOTICE: Prices are likely HIGHER than your local utility and are MUCH higher than NJ Community Solar


       Review and choose from the list of Renewable Electric Suppliers (ensure you are viewing the LATEST on-line file instead of an old cache file: refresh your browswer by clicking the circle chasing its tail in the top left of your browser window)

       On-line signup takes only minutes.Fill out the form of the chosen vendor

       Enter your choice of contract duration (typically 1, 2 or 3 years) explanation


       Eliminate electrical power emissions from traditional fossil fuel generators

       Set an example for others to also fight CLIMATE CHANGE  

DISADVANTAGE : Green/clean electricity produced ANYWHERE in the U.S.
(Compare to cheaper NJ Communnity Solar, located in of YOUR local util
ity service area)


EARTH'S CHANGING CLIMATE ...https://climate.smiller.org
Steve Miller stevemiller@comcast.net ; DISCUSSION: https://electric.smiller.org/renewable-discussion.htm