6/15/2020 email to Nancy Quirk (Sustainable Jersey Energy Manager):
Nancy, I made a math error in my June 8 email (corrected in bold print, below).
As corrected, during the year 2030, the Middletown Energy Plan projects 31% GHG reduction (roughly 1/3 of the way to 2050 net zero emissions).
Attached (unchanged from the June 8 email) is the Middletown Energy Plan and supporting spreadsheet.
Documents are online at EnergyPlanV2 draft, and supporting spreadsheet )
Steve Miller
From: Steve Miller
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2020 12:12 PM
To: Quirk Nancy
Cc: Erickson Robert ; Miller Steve ; Miller Pat ; Cohen Harvey ; Sarrinikolaou Amy
Subject: input to June 17 Sustainable Energy Communities webinar
Nancy, this info may be helpful for your Jun 17 webinar.
Attached is Middletown Energy Plan (draft is online at EnergyPlanV2 draft, and supporting spreadsheet )
This Energy Plan is proposed by Middletown for Clean Energy for adoption in the 2020 update of the Middletown Master Plan
All emissions are based upon AVERAGE PER RESIDENT, from the emission categories and totals in the current NJ Energy Master Plan.
ANY NJ city could quickly apply these same averages per resident in their own town.
The Middletown Energy Plan, Page 7, and the supporting spreadsheet shows Middletown could achieve 217 ktons/year of GHG reduction during year 2030 (31% of 2018 GHG emissions