(Laura, for distribution to the Township Committee)


Subject: version 2 of Middletown Energy Plan is now available

Mayor Tony Perry and Members of Middletown Committee:          August 8, 2020


On January 31, 2020, Middletown for Clean Energy forwarded to you Version 1 of Middletown Energy Plan, accompanied by a cover letter signed by 87 Middletown residents . The letter begins:

“At Mayor Perry’s request of last spring, members of Middletown for Clean Energy have been working on an Energy Plan for Middletown based on volunteer resident input and have now produced this well-researched draft. The goals of this Energy Plan, which we envision as recommendations for an initial framework to be adopted and refined by Middletown, are to move Middletown to 100% clean energy (carbon neutral) by 2050, in conformance with the state’s Global Warming Response Act (updated 7/25/2019) and 2019 Energy Master Plan, and to achieve Sustainable Jersey’s Gold Star in Energy.”

We have received no response to the Energy Plan itself but were told that it would be incorporated into the Middletown Master Plan revision process, slated for Fall 2020 and led by Planning Director San Chavan. Our team of 8 volunteers has been working diligently for the last several months to complete Version 2 of the Middletown Energy Plan. Version 2 is up-to-date and includes a more comprehensive description of recommended actions over the next decade that put Middletown on a trajectory to reduce emissions 38% by 2030 and 90% by 2050.

We are requesting a meeting with San and whomever she would like to invite to learn about how the Master Plan will include elements of the Energy Plan and what we can do to help make this happen. And we encourage you to review the document and let us know your thoughts.

We would be happy to meet at your convenience to answer your questions.

Signed by Pat and Steve Miller,

Representatives of Middletown for Clean Energy

Attached:  Middletown Energy Plan V2, 8/8/2020

January 31, 2020 cover letter: