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Sent: Monday, December 6, 2021 10:44 AM
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Subject: RE: How to reduce Middletown's carbon footprint

Hello, Green Team,
I am following up on planning for Middletown to begin to reduce emissions from transportation, the source of more that half the municipal operations emissions, now that our electricity is 100% clean. (See below we addressed this during and after our June 21 meeting.) Steve and I have questioned in the past and now again for tonight's committee meeting the purchase of only large IC engine SUVs for police and DPW use. When can we start to substitute electric or hybrid cars for some of these gas guzzlers? The change is coming whether we want to accommodate it or not, perhaps in the next 10-15 years when the IC vehicles are no longer even manufactured. Better to have a plan for the transition and start now to cut back on the pollution we are pumping into our air.

I wonder if anyone attended the recent League of Municipalities meeting and saw the EV display? Sustainable Jersey people on last week’s Monmouth Hub call were raving about them and reporting on the enthusiastic reaction of some towns who have already purchased EVs. EVs cost less over their lifetime, have a super amount of power, require no maintenance of the electric/battery element, and produce no fumes if a person is required to sit all day in a car with engine running.

In October DPW issued a “Notice of Intent” to purchase 2 Chevy Bolts. Is this going to go through? I hope so.
Thanks, and please let us know what the plans are. This could certainly be a Green Team project.
Pat and Steve Miller