We are following the Sierra Club “Ready for 100” guidance to understand Middletown local leaders and people of influence in the energy arena. We have identified and are interviewing our elected officials and other influential people to determine where they stand on ENERGY in Middletown. As usual, we invite all of the Middletown volunteers to join our interviews.  We highly recommend this experience – an easy way to become comfortable talking to your town leaders

We met March 26 with Township Committee member Kevin Settembrino,  Kevin is an architect of LEED-certified high efficiency buildings and architect of solar array projects (12MW total).  Kevin provided some hope that the 2018 Committee may vote more favorably for 3rd party sourcing of 100% clean electricity in Middletown.
We are planning to schedule time with Tony Mercantante, Middletown Administrator. Tony runs the town day-to-day, and is the go-to person to implement projects.  The Committee also employs Tony as the Middletown expert for discussions with Middletown residents. Seemingly on his own, Tony often proposes energy initiatives- solar covered parking lot, EV charging stations, microgrids,…

One issue is being explored: Middletown has a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) public refueling station on Kanes Lane. Middletown plans to convert an increasing mumber of the 300 Municipal vehicles to CNG. This will delay a move by Middletown to 100% Clean Energy.
We highly recommend volunteering to help your town’s Green Team. Last summer, Pat and Steve volunteered, as Middletown residents, and helped the Green Team plan Middletown’s  initial energy efficiency Actions: Residential Efficiency Outreach, and Commercial Efficiency Outreach.  The Residential program launched in January, 2018, and provides free energy audits to lower income households.  The Commercial program is launching shortly to all ~600 Middletown businesses  (The Green Team gets extra points if more than 5% of businesses take advantage of the program).  This business program provides a free energy audit, and 70% discount for resulting energy improvements (lights, furnaces, insulation,..).