Nov 9, 2020 webinar on "Heatpumps"

Following email is to the members of the organizing team (and to speakers, as shown in the table)

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Subject: RE: Sustainable Jersey Green Teams Webinar on Heat Pumps, Mon Nov 9, 7:30 pm

Nancy et al,
I have attached a revised version of the agenda, with Paul’s email. I also adjusted the order a little for time’s sake and updated some of the titles to be more descriptive. (If a speaker has a different title, please let me know.)




Email address



Pat Miller (Moderator)


Overview & Benefits of Heat Pumps

Hap Haven (NJCEP)


Complete Home Heat Pump Solutions, with Energy Audit, Air Sealing and Insulation

David Hoh                 (Dr Energy Saver)


Heat pump owner: Do-it-yourself Sizing, Efficiency & Installation

Paul Rinear


Heat pump owner: Heat Pump Plus Solar Panels

Phyllis Garr


Q & A Chat                              Q & A Facebook

Steve Miller        Lauren Skowronski


Closing & Video Link

Steve Miller

Thanks, Pat

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Subject: Re: Sustainable Jersey Green Teams Webinar on Heat Pumps, Mon Nov 9, 7:30 pm

Thanks Pat for the flyer.   Our Borough Administrator, Ziad, would like the names & email addresses of the speakers so that he may send their own link.  May you verifiy if your email address is correct and if you have the email address for the contact at Hap Haven and Paul Rinear, may you share it with me please? If someone in the audience raises their hand to ask a question, then I can enable them to be heard on the webinar