My name is Steve Miller, at 151 Borden Rd, Middletown
I have 4 brief comments about tonight’s vehicle purchases to replenish the Middletown fleet of vehicles.

  1. I have ONE straightforward  ask, to help residents, which should also help the Green Team understand and provide meaningful input to vehicle purchases.  The Middletown fleet was summarized in a 2019 spreadsheet, showing 2018 data as part of the Middletown silver certification.  That spreadsheet assigns a unique number to each Middletown vehicle, and shows all related performance and usage data for that numbered vehicle, including the year that vehicle is expected to be replaced.  
    Tonight, the Middletown Committee authorized purchasing 9 vehicles .  HOWEVER, the Committee resolutions, do NOT specify which vehicles are being replaced, except broadly by Middletown department. 
    The result: it is VERY DIFFICULT for the residents, and equally so for the Green Team, to provide meaningful input.
    SO MY ONE ASK: in resolutions authorizing future vehicle purchases, I ask that you LINK the purchased vehicle to the vehicle number that is being replaced, as recorded in the Middletown vehicle spreadsheet.
  2. One year ago, I asked why hybrid police vehicles were NOT being purchased.  The answer was the added vehicle complexity would create unacceptable maintenance down time for disabled police vehicles.
    Soon hybrids will be old hat.  The time is rapidly coming for full EVs, to replace fossil fuel vehicles,. 
    Some Electric vehicle  advantages:
    1. MUCH LESS MECHANICAL COMPLXITY – hence much greater reliability
    3. LESS THAN HALF THE OPERATIONAL COST DUE to HIGHLY EFFICIENT ELECTRICAL MOTORS RATHER THAN the 30%- very inefficient internal combustion engines.
    4. EV COSTS ARE RAPIDLY FALLING; esp with current incentives,  and future incentives.
    5.  Other towns are adopting EVs.  For instance, the other night, the Monmouth Hub of all Monmouth County Green Teams discussed EVs.  Electrical vehicles are VERY desirable in cities which have purchased them.  Participants heard that Maplewood police are trading off, and drawing lots to see who has the privilege of  driving  their new police EVs.  A big EV advantage is heatlhy AIR –compared to spending the day in their car with their car belching pollutants which infiltrates the car cabin air circulation.
  3. A year and a half ago, Middletown switched its municipal electricity source to 100% renewable.   It is now likely that Middletown municipal GreenHouseGas emissions DUE TO VEHICLE emissions, are now MORE THAN HALF of total Middletown municipal GHG.  NOW is the time to take advantage of the 100% renewable electricity supply.  Start to buy EVs, and year by-year you will be WIPING OUT THE MAJORITY OF MIDDLETOWN MUNICIPAL GHG.
  4. My FINAL COMMENT: I congratulate the DPW for their purchase of two new Chevy Bolts – and look forward to their evaluations!