Middletown for Clean Energy and Sierra Club NJ Chapter, organized, hosted, and presented daily 1 hour "Green Your Life" events during "NJ Earth Week 2021". This week is summarized in one minute "promos" by  Steve Miller and Pat Miller

Whether you want to live more sustainably at home, get involved in ongoing statewide activism, or celebrate the climate champions from the past year, we put together events that will help you learn, grow, and act. 
We hope you enjoy these programs. Below are links to recordings of our sponsored Earth Week events: These video are also located at the NJ Sierra Club Chapter YouTube Channel

New Jersey Sierra Club Chapter 2020 Appreciation Awards
We are pleased to share our annual appreciation awards video for 2020! The Appreciation Awards give us an opportunity to say thank you to the volunteers and supporters who have dedicated themselves to a specific cause and to our elected leaders who have made great strides through environmental legislation.

Save Money, Save the Planet
Mary Reilly of the Jersey Shore Group joined Kerri Ann Lombardi and Sandi Eisner from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program to tell you how to cut your home’s carbon footprint while saving money.

Getting to Zero With Heat Pumps
Phyllis Garr from the Marlboro Green Team tells her personal, early adopter story of home energy efficiency, rooftop solar, heat pumps, and an electric car, while Hap Haven from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program led a fast-paced discussion on how you could use new heat pump technologies.

Build Your Own Zero Energy House
Diane and John Burke from Middletown for Clean Energy describe passive housing engineering, their journey to a zero-carbon footprint, and how easy it is to build a zero-energy house and property.

Your Path to Clean Energy & Green Life
Pat and Steve Miller from Middletown for Clean Energy and the Sierra Club discuss how wind and solar energy, changes in home heating and appliances, vehicles we will drive, and the future job market will all get us to a clean energy future. 

Soil, Sun, and 0-60mph in 3 seconds!

What do you get when you combine the perfect topsoil, a rain garden, maximum solar panels, and maximum electric vehicles? Preserving the environment!  Dennis Anderson from the Sierra Club describes how he’s used all of these to do his part. Ariane Benrey, NJ BPU, discusses the great benefits and incentives for community solar in NJ (available to all, in early 2022).


Middletown for Clean Energy, and Sierra Club were two of 19 sponsors. The common calendar of events was organized by Lauren O'Brien, "PayUp Climate Polluters", who coordinated and scheduled 52+ NJ events during April 17 through April 25, 2021.