Create a city energy plan for netzero emissions by 2050


Pat & Steve Miller May 28, 2019 presentation to Monmouth County HUB

3 minute inspirational video, Mayors Climate Summit, early 2018

Letters to Middletown Committee: April 15 cover letter ; citizen letter ; attachment ; May 16 letter to Mayor Perry

Handouts: "under $25" and 100% renewable suppliers page 1 ; page 2

3 minute inspirational video by Mayors of NJ :https://youtu.be/gXZMRYAwq6A

Woodbridge Certification http://www.sustainablejersey.com/?type=1336777441&tx_sjcert_certification[certification][__identity]=700

Grants available for EDF Fellows to launch energy Actions

All other Resources/references http://climate.smiller.org/talks/hub/resources.doc

Registration for "Going for Energy Gold Workshop", 9:30 to noon, May 31, in Ewing, NJ