The NJ Gateway Climate Reality Project and NJ 50x30 Building Electrification Team

Switch your A/C to a heat pump to save $ and reduce your climate-changing Green House Gases.

heat pump photos

PICTURED: inside and outside units of Heat Pumps (components look identical to central air conditioners)
Join our Nov 17, 7PM monthly webinar, “Electrifying Buildings: Real Life Stories”

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Our lead speakers, Pat and Steve Miller, co-leaders of the NJ 50x30 Building Electrification Team, will discuss the major advantages of electrifying a business and electrifying their own home.
Our third speaker, Prof. Bob, will discuss the major benefits of the IRA (I
nflation Reduction Act) to electrify your home, save money, and reduce your Green House Gas emissions. Bob will demonstrate the Rewiring America IRA calculator, which calculates YOUR rebates and tax credits, which can total $32,000, depending upon your household income