MONITOR CAPTAIN (utilize the assigned Deputy Captain)

1. communicate monitor duties to the monitors before the march,

2. Assign ~5 monitors to special roles (discussed below) – each Monitor could merge with one of the tail end groups when their job was no longer needed
3. brief monitors at 9:30AM on Sept 8 in Riverside Park (before 10AM start)
4. count the total crowd attendance, and calculate number of people per each of the 20 groups
5. When march begins, match 1 monitor per a single group of marchers.
6. (potentially) Assign monitors to the Rally area to observe and report problems
At our Sunday aug 26 visit, we proposed marchers line up on the west rampway of Riverside Gardens Park.  Then monitors would be lined up or gathered oaround the gatekeeper. 
MONITOR CAPTAIN assigns two Monitors – positioned within the crowd of people closer to the river.  These monitors guide and merge people  into the lineup on the left rampway.
MONITOR CAPTAIN assigns two gatekeeper monitors at the head of the left rampway; one gatekeeper would count out the number of marchers passing by in the 1st group. The 2nd gatekeeper helps and keeps order.
  The first monitor would join the front of the group, and lead the 1st group to begin the march (same with 2nd, 3rd groups, etc)
FOLLOWING is copied (and annotated) from   8/26/2018 MEETING NOTES

9:55 to 10:05 drums

10:05 Pat Miller welcome/announcements.  Read highlights of McKibbens’ letter (8/23/2018 5:55 PM). Kate Triggiano begins chant instruction;
MONITOR CAPTAIN  counts crowd, and divides by number of monitors to determine number of marchers to be included in each monitor group

10:10 begin lineup.  Marchers are directed to funnel into curved ramp on West side of park.  A Monitor,  serving as gate keeper, counts people per group and helps ensure order at the starting gate (at Front Street end of ramp).

Monitors begin to “fold in” at direction of MONITOR CAPTAIN

MONITOR CAPTAIN assigns an observer monitor, standing on W. Front St sidewalk, who signals when the 1st group is halfway (or closer) to the 1st light.  Then the gate head would let 2nd group start to march, etc.

10:15 lineup in place; chanter  & drummers/flute, and monitor (who knows route) leads group 1 to begin the march –


NOTE: after late arrivals have tapered to zero at the check-in desk, the Monitor Captain should instruct the check-in desk to prepare the the tri-panel RISE banner (6 feet wide X 40 inches is the largest we have) to be carried in the march. Three marchers should be selected to carry the banner to the speaker stand area in Marine Park. (near bathrooms and near large backup generator) Marine Park attendants will accept the banner, and mount it behind or near speakers.