8/26/2022 email from Hal Connolly: Hey Pat and Steve.
I went throught the two bill texts and put in a few comments and questions attached. [attached, commented documents are NOT uploaded to be on-line: see Dreamweaver Source files]
Really impressive work. 
In addition to the builders and PSEG, you might want to consult labor.  Probably the IBEW?  And I would also talk the SEIA.  I think SEIA had either an NJ or Mid-Atlantic subgroup.
You guys are clearly making yourselves subject matter experts.  Now you need to do some really good work consulting with strong partners and getting their input and buy in.  Things like this don’t get enacted just because they are a good idea, they get enacted because enough powerful constituencies push to make them happen.  So you need to go beyond just the enviros and get some other strong partners on board.
Really excited about this effort.  Let me know if you have any questions about my questions!


8/22/2022 Chris Gaynor and all (Shabd Singh, Hal Connolly, Colleen Shea), thank you for arranging a briefing on the NJ Building Electrification program.  We appreciate your time and your suggestions. (For example, prepare, then meet with PSEG and NJ builders).  We look forward to the material you plan to send.
Following are links to germane documents from our BE archive:

2022-7-13 Amendments to Zero Energy Construction Act A1440 (awaiting final definitions - see Zero Energy Appendix for the 2021 IECC) An earlier draft amended bill was presented and discussed with NJ Assemblyman Kennedy, sponsor of A1440. This bill contains detailed NJ construction code to support a launch of NJ Building Electrification, to be enforced by the NJ Division of Code Enforcement, a division within the NJ Dept of Community Affairs. As written, without our proposed amendments, this bill appears to have no support for action in either the Assembly or Senate (identical bill S1170 exists).  This more-extensively amended draft bill introduces language which allows NJ cities to enact “stretch” building codes. Cities could then choose to enforce requirements for Zero Energy Buildings. Stronger  (than current NJ Uniform Construction Code) statewide or local stretch codes are prohibited under current law.

2022-7-15 "Building Electrification Act" and explanation, sent 7/15/2022 to NJ Sen Zwicker and his Chief of Staff (email correspondence began May, 2022). This bill provides necessary instruction to enable NJ BPU (Board of Public Utilities) to launch NJ Building Electrification programs.

The fossil fuel industry is delaying NJ building electrification.  Following is the latest in a string of NJ proposed bills which prohibit an electric space or water heating mandate for 2 years or longer.  (Our proposed “Building Electrification Act” does not block an electrification mandate, but requires the NJ BPU to complete an initial assessment within 12 months).

S2671 (similar to A3935) Latest Bill Text; Prohibits electric mandate for space or water heating (sponsor Vin Gopal, D) Introduced 2022-5-16 ; referred to Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee. Prohibits adoption of any State rule or regulation mandating electric heating or water heating systems in buildings, prior to issuance of DCA/DEP/BPU report. This report, to the legislature, of the findings of 6 stakeholder meetings, must be completed within 24 months of bill signing, and recommend legislative and regulatory actions.

S4133 Latest Bill Text; (2021 version of bill almost identical to new 2022 bill S2671, above); passed by Senate; vote 35-3 on 2022-1-10 (expired at end of previous NJ session); sponsored by 4 Dems (incl Sen. Vin Gopal). Bill concludes: within 30 months of bill signing, the DCA/DEP/BPU must compile data gathered from 6 Stakeholder meetings to recommend legislative and regulatory actions related to greenhouse gas emissions from residential and commercial buildings in the State..

Our meeting discussed BE legislation in other states.
Following are states we have examined (to varying degrees).

·       NY:
NY 2019 "Climate Act" ; Climate Action Council ; 1/1/2022 draft Scoping Plan ; Gov Hochul Jan5,2022 plan; NYPublicServiceCommissionEnergyEfficiencygoal-by2025;
BE portion of Scoping Plan (slides 34-46)
"Renewable Heat Now" Legislative Package-Graphic ;
Greg Gorman evaluation
of NY Legislative Package
Public Comment Guide
on New York's Draft Climate Plan: 
·     MA: on Aug 11, 2022, passed Climate Bill to boost clean energy Economy
·       Maryland: evaluation1 ; evaluation2

·       CA: New Construction Net Zero Energy Plan (2015-2020 Executive Summary)
·       WA: zero-energy 6/2023 building codes for commercial and multi-family; residence new construction to be considered this fall

Our BE reference library:- a public-facing list of resources on Heat Pumps and more general Building Electrification topics

We look forward to your continued help and advice.
Steve and Pat Miller
Co-founders, NJ 50x30 Building Electrification Team