Call To Action
Climate Change is the most pressing moral, ethical, and survival issue of our time.

  1. Inform yourself with reliable, peer-reviewed sources Alliance for Climate Education
  2. Support environmental charities: Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Union of Concerned Scientists, Natural Resources Defense Council.  Read their electronic and paper mailings to become fully informed.
  3. Let your elected officials know you are concerned about climate change and expect action for a livable world.  Enter your 9-digit zip to find your Representative in Congress and contact info for local and DC offices. Enter your state to find your Senators and contact info.  Call or write about issues important to you, both to inform them of your position and urge them to vote the right way, and (especially) to thank them for supporting you in past votes.  Download and install apps such as “5 calls” to become knowledgeable about each day’s current issues, with scripts and automatic connection to Congressional phone numbers.
  4. Join to help New Jersey aggressively expand renewable energy commitments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Check out your own carbon footprint, and see what areas in your personal life you can make more energy efficient.    After calculating your carbon footprint, make a carbon-offset contribution (a charitable contribution tax deduction).
  6. Make changes in your personal lifestyle to become more energy-conserving: recycle and compost, use fewer disposables, use LED lights, conserve water, conserve heat and AC by setting the thermostat back (or buy a NEST thermostat to do it automatically), drive hybrid or electric cars, take mass transportation, buy high-efficiency appliances. Switch to a clean, renewable energy electric supplier or install solar electric. Buy carbon offsets to counter activities like driving or air travel or events like conferences or weddings.  
  7. Support or become active in local groups addressing the climate challenge: MCCC Monmouth Community Climate Coalition, CCL Citizens Climate Lobby
  8. Connect the dots between climate change and social justice issues you care about, for example world hunger, the fact that the most vulnerable are the first to be hit and are hurt the most. The UN development goals give an idea of the connections:
  9. Talk about climate change with friends and family, and listen to their concerns, to raise awareness. Address the issues in faith communities and civic groups – help fellow members connect the dots between climate change and justice, health, peace, human rights.
  10. Get involved and/or create local “Green Team” activities and advocate for the Sutainable Jersey "energy gold star" program..  Go to local town committee meetings and speak up about climate-related issues.    Help guide your town toward “100% renewable”.